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Our focus is to bring a community together to create healing, powerful magic, soul-searching, and energetic shifts.  Join us August 7th through the 12th at Amazon Acres as we gather to heal and transform racial and gender oppression.  Join us in our work of helping to put an end to white supremacy. 

 Experiences Mystical Womyn's Magic Fest


Learn drumming with Adwoa Kudoto.  She is the first recognized female master drummer from Ghana.  While growing up there, the drum was reserved for men only, but she persisted and has brought her skills to the US to pass on the tradition of the drum.  

Mama Fasi, also known as Linda Thomas Jones, is another master drummer and Yoruban priestess who will be offering her sacred knowledge.

EwuraesiSena Kugbega is Adwoa's daughter and has been teaching African dance along with her mother to create wonderful performances of drumming and dance.

​Afia Walking Tree is another drummer who also brings knowledge of race relations, cultural identities and more and will be sharing her wisdom about these topics.


Ifalade Tashia Asanti is a two-spirit priest of Yoruba, an author of 5 books, poet, filmmaker, performance artist, and much more. She has lectured at Harvard and has won many awards for her work. She is the founder of Ile Ori Ogbe Egun.

Qween Hollins is a priestess of Yoruba, earth healer, energy shifter, and teacher of African Dance. She has been on the land teaching dance for a number of years and carries much wisdom and knowledge of fest and healing. 

 Faerie Elaine Silver is an initiated Priestess of Isis and will be performing and offering Fey wisdom in a fairy circle.

We will have a sacred fire ceremony facilitated by multiple advanced spiritual practitioners that we hope the whole community will participate in  and create together!.

Writing, Sexuality,
Spoken Word & Comedy

  Writing is a healing, transformative mode of expression and workshops will be offered by professional writers.

Sexuality is a sacred act and womyn will be encouraged to discuss their sexuality with a professional sex coach who brings advanced knowledge of the erotic.

Spoken word is a performance art that is word based and an expression of each artist's unique voice. We will have several poets bringing their work.

Comedy performed by Mimi Gonzalez and Karen Williams. These are two comediennes who have been bringing laughter to the land for years. The HaHa Institute is the official sponsor of this event.  Thank you, Karen Williams!!!

Advanced Healing and Energy Shifts

Whichever of these amazing experiences you choose to participate in, you will have an opportunity to grow, in terms of skill level, energetic shifts, and sacred wisdom and knowledge. Do one intensive or sample some of all, the choice is up to you. Fest womyn who have been attending for years may desire to create workshops on their own and are free to do so. Whatever it is you desire to do while you are at this festival is completely up to you. Part of this week is about healing the rifts between and among communities and choosing to celebrate our differences in a safe community setting.  Part of our mission is to shift the culture from one of oppression of womyn of color and transgender individuals to one of upliftment of these identities and connection of the sacred divine feminine that resides in all of us.  We especially encourage womyn of color, womyn who live outside the gender binary and transgender womyn to attend and participate.  We honor and celebrate you here and believe joining our forces will help challenge white supremacy and gender inequality! 

Let's Explore Healing and Fire Magic

Fire Magic is a very powerful form of healing...
Come be a part of it!!!

Who We Are ?

Mystical Womyn Magic Fest recognizes that on some level, people are crying out for healing and acceptance.  Our passion for womyn's festivals is the driving factor in the creation of this week of offerings.  The organizer has selected womyn who hold sacred knowledge in African, Native American, and Goddess-centered spiritual practices and have a clear understanding of gender roles, biological sex, two-spirited-ness, and the ever-evolving nature of society.  We actively work to break down racial and gender oppression.   We honor all oppressed people and encourage womyn of color, female-born women and transwomyn  to attend.  We encourage the bringing forth of knowledge which brings us closer to our goal of shifting the pendulum towards a culturally diverse matriarchal society.
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